Data-Driven Hiring Automation

Stop guessing how much to pay staff. Hiring Accelerator removes the guesswork by giving you region-specific pay data while you formulate an offer. Our software sends the offer straight to the candidate's mobile device. Forget about leaving voicemails and hoping they can print/scan. Hiring Accelerator drastically reduces the pain and time of hiring. You will have more time to: go home earlier, see more patients, catch up on CMEs...


Hire Smarter

Hiring Accelerator allows you to focus on patient care and feel confident in your hiring process. We provide you with the necessary data to make a Goldilocks offer in any US metro area.


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Why Choose Hiring Accelerator

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Secure Offer Delivery

Hiring Accelerator sends your offer directly to the candidate's mobile device. All the details are right there and you can personalize it with a note or even video. You can stop worrying about whether they actually got the offer. When they have questions, they send you a message inside the app. They get your answer immediately. Everything is faster. Hiring Accelerator replaces anxiety with certainty.


There is never enough time in the day. Hiring Accelerator keeps you from wasting time on hiring. There is so much about your work that is stressful and time-consuming. Hiring people should not be on that list.


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Interactive Salary Data

Hiring Accelerator includes percentile pay data for medical staff positions in every US metro area including smaller ones like Del Rio, TX, or Carbondale, IL. You can offer an experienced candidate a higher percentile pay than someone new to the field. You'll never google "Medical Assistant Pay" again. You make the Goldilocks offer because you know what it is.